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About is a dedicated platform for buying, selling, and investing in high-potential starter websites, apps, and domains. We aim to connect buyers and sellers in a secure and trustworthy environment, helping both parties achieve their digital goals. Our expert-curated marketplace offers a diverse range of opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and digital enthusiasts looking to expand their digital portfolios or start new online ventures.

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Flipng is the easiest way to buy or sell a website or domain. We provide a safe and secure platform for buyers and sellers to connect, and we handle the entire transaction from start to finish.

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How it works
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Efficient and professional service at made selling my e-commerce website a breeze. Highly recommend for a smooth experience ever i had.

Feroz Hossain

founder of health and nutra is a trustworthy and user-friendly platform for buying and selling websites and domains, offering excellent investment opportunities and a supportive team to assist in the process.

Zak Ahmed

commercial director
I had a great experience buying a website on The platform was user-friendly, and the staff ensured a secure, transparent transaction. Highly recommended for website buying and selling.

Amanda Lee

CEO of Optimus IT Solution



What is is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers of high-potential starter websites, apps, and domains in a secure and trustworthy environment. Our expert-curated marketplace offers a diverse range of opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and digital enthusiasts to expand their digital portfolios or start new online ventures.

How do I get started with buying or selling on
To get started, create an account on, verify your email address, and complete your profile. If you’re a buyer, browse through the listings and find the perfect opportunity. If you’re a seller, list your website, app, or domain with a detailed description, pricing, and any additional information.

What types of websites, apps, and domains can be bought or sold on allows users to buy and sell a variety of starter websites, apps, and domains across different niches, industries, and categories. This includes e-commerce websites, blogs, mobile apps, gaming platforms, social networks, and more.

How can I ensure a secure and trustworthy transaction on
At, we prioritize security and trust. We verify every user on the platform and use secure payment methods to ensure a safe transaction. Additionally, we provide support during the transfer process and offer guidance for both buyers and sellers.

What are the fees associated with using charges a nominal listing fee for sellers and a commission on successful sales. Specific fees depend on the listing price and category. For detailed information, please visit our Pricing and Fees page on the website.

How do I list my website, app, or domain for sale on
To list your asset for sale, log in to your account, click on “Sell,” and follow the guided process to provide detailed information about your website, app, or domain. Ensure that your listing includes a comprehensive description, pricing, and any relevant data to attract potential buyers.

How can I evaluate the value of a website, app, or domain before buying or selling?

The value of a digital asset depends on factors such as traffic, revenue, potential for growth, domain authority, and overall quality. You can use tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and SEMRush to analyze these factors. Alternatively, consult with experts or use valuation services available on

What payment methods are accepted on accepts various secure payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. We use secure payment gateways to ensure the safety of your transactions.

How long does it take for a transaction to be completed on

The duration of a transaction on depends on factors such as the buyer’s and seller’s responsiveness and the complexity of the asset transfer. Typically, transactions are completed within a few days to a few weeks.

Can I negotiate the price of a website, app, or domain with the seller?
Yes, you can negotiate the price with the seller using the messaging feature on It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the asset’s value and your budget before entering negotiations.

What kind of support does provide for buyers and sellers? offers comprehensive support for buyers and sellers throughout the transaction process. Our support team is available to assist with any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise. We also provide educational content and resources to help users make informed decisions.

How do I transfer ownership of a website, app, or domain after a successful transaction?

After a successful transaction, the buyer and seller must coordinate the transfer of ownership. For websites, this involves transferring the domain name, hosting account, and other associated assets. For apps, it may include transferring the app store account and source code. For domains, it requires transferring the domain registrar account or initiating a domain transfer process. support is available to assist and guide both parties throughout the transfer process to ensure a smooth transition.

Escrow Services:

Escrow is a third-party service that holds the buyer’s funds securely until the transaction is completed and the asset is transferred to the buyer. Once both parties are satisfied, the funds are released to the seller. This ensures that the buyer receives the asset they paid for, while the seller is assured of receiving payment. You can partner with a reputable escrow service like to provide this secure payment option for your users.


PayPal is a widely used and trusted online payment platform that enables secure transactions between buyers and sellers. By integrating PayPal into your platform, you offer users a familiar and convenient payment method. It’s essential to ensure that your PayPal integration complies with their terms of service and provides the necessary buyer and seller protection features.

Both Escrow and PayPal can enhance the security and trustworthiness of transactions on, providing a better experience for your users. Be sure to clearly communicate the availability of these payment options on your platform and provide necessary guidelines for their usage.

If you prefer to use Escrow as the primary payment method for transactions on, here’s how you can implement and promote it:

Integration: Partner with a reputable escrow service provider like and integrate their API into your platform to facilitate secure transactions between buyers and sellers.

Promote Escrow: Highlight the benefits of using Escrow on your platform, such as added security, protection for both parties, and a neutral third-party overseeing the transaction process. Make sure to include this information in your FAQs, payment options page, and other relevant sections of your website.

Educate Users: Create educational content and guides to help users understand how Escrow works, the steps involved in using the service, and the associated fees. This will help build trust and confidence among your users.

Transaction Process: Clearly outline the transaction process using Escrow on your platform, from creating a transaction to releasing the funds upon successful asset transfer. This will ensure that both buyers and sellers understand their responsibilities and the steps involved in the process.

Customer Support: Offer dedicated customer support to assist users with any questions or concerns related to using Escrow on This will further enhance the trust and confidence of your users in your platform.

By implementing and promoting Escrow as the primary payment method on, you can provide a secure and trustworthy environment for your users, ensuring smooth and successful transactions.